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Traffic problem: Is modern transportation engineering a solution?

Engineer Moumita Ahmed
 Traffic problem: Is modern transportation engineering a solution?

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and the habitat of 14,399,000 people, who, naturally, face various problems. But what is the one common thing that people in Dhaka face every day? The answer is simple: traffic jam. There is no way to escape this problem for the city-dwellers. There are lots of reasons why Dhaka is facing the nagging problem more than the other cities of the country. But the solutions to this particular problem is one. By practicing the best and latest modern-day transportation engineering, the engineers can help solve this problem.

At this moment, a flyover project of Mogbazar-Mouchak is still under process. This particular area is renowned for having one of the busiest traffic conditions in the city. Many people, residing in this area, have to struggle every day to go from their homes to their workplaces or their educational institutions as the roads through this area are busy all the time. The question is: will this flyover be able to solve the traffic conditions? The answer is yet unknown. But the people in this areas are hoping that this flyover may end their woes while they are struggling every day in these roads as the construction work on the flyover has made the situation worse.  

There are more areas like Mogbazar-Mouchak one in the city. The flyovers can only be a solution for traffic jam if the whole transportation system of the city is reconstructed fully. Flyovers can only give more space to the vehicles, but it cannot solve the problems of illegal vehicles flooding the roads with unauthorized drivers. Traffic jam is also one of the common reasons for accidents happening in the city. People want to reach their destinations as fast as possible and thus the drivers tend to run their vehicles over the speed limit, which causes many accidents. Even the most train accidents happened on the busy rail-crossing roads for the carelessness of the drivers and their tendency to avoid the traffic jam.

By implementing the modern rules and regulations of transportation engineering like one-way roads or creating different types of intersections to regulate the correct flow of vehicles can help the authorities to handle this problem more gracefully. The traffic police, alone, cannot handle the situation; the public have to give their support by respecting the rules and following the correct lanes.

It is high-time the engineers of the country came forward to take the responsibilities to ensure safe roads for the people of Dhaka city.

Nov 29, 2015


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