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EC vows inclusive polls, unveils roadmap


The new Election Commission rolled out Sunday a ‘roadmap’ for holding the next general election Bangladesh, with a vow to make the polls inclusive—meaning the past boycotters would be roped in the race this time around.      

“This is just a document on how we will initiate the process. We’ll update and amend it upon talks with stakeholders as we move forward," Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda said at a media briefing on the occasion.

The Huda-led commission, which took office in February, will oversee the 11th parliamentary elections—one of the most crucial voting in the country.

The commission is often accused by the BNP, which had led the past boycott amid spells of violence, of being ‘subservient’ to the ruling party.

The CEC said they will now focus on seven specific issues until the schedule for the elections is announced.

The tenth parliament convened on Jan 29, 2014, which means the eleventh national election has to be held between Oct 30, 2018 and January 27, 2019.

CEC Huda said they will meet with civil society, media, political parties, polls observers, representatives of women`s rights bodies and election experts on the issues.

Asked whether the commission was considering measures over police crashing a `social gathering` of politicians in Dhaka, he said that the matter does not concern them.

"We will take steps to ensure a congenial atmosphere for the polls after the schedules are announced. We do not have any request to the government now."

"It`s not the commission`s concern how the government will work at this moment," he was quoted in media reports.


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