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Blasts, gunfire rock Mirpur militant `hideout`


Several explosions at a suspected militant hideout cordoned off by RAB personnel overnight rocked Dhaka`s Mirpur on Tuesday night, keeping what happened inside cloaked in mystery.

The elite police unit earlier said suspected militant `Abdullah` had agreed to surrender, but he did not while the siege rolled into 22 hours at 10pm on Tuesday.

`Smoke was rising from the six-storey house on Mazar Road after the explosions,` reports quoted witnesses as saying.

They said they also heard several gunshots.

RAB media wing told journalists that the operation had been suspended for the night, with the building and surroundings ringed by the force. The operation will resume in the morning to make a forray into the house where militants were believed holed up.

Four of the law-enforcers were reported injured amid the blasts and gunfire.



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