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Uneven skin tone? Not anymore!


Skin covers and protects our body from climate changes, stress and pollution. Skin contains a pigment called melanin that protects us from sun. However, there could be a case when there could be an uneven accumulation of melanin. This results in the formation of dark spots and white spots. Sometimes there is an over production of melanin too, and this situation is called hyper pigmentation.

We doubt any of us would wish to have such skin, because everybody wants healthy even skin tone.
So let us understand the Causes first.


So what are the reasons for uneven skin tone? It may be any of the following:

1. The most common reason for uneven skin tone is exposure to the sun. If your skin is over exposed to the sun, it increases the production of melanin. So try to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

2. If you have oily skin, sometimes cells may lack sebum causing cracked and unhealthy skin. So oily skin is prone to getting damaged and discolored easily.

3. If you have hormonal problems or imbalanced release of hormones, it may lead to production of less or more melanin in certain areas.

Home Remedies:

1. Exfoliation is the main key to avoid uneven skin tone. A mixture of yogurt or curd and grounded orange peels will help remove the dead cells, while smoothening out the tone.

2. Apply lemon juice on the skin. You can apply it all over your face and leave it for a while. Wash it off later.

3. Apply a mixture of curd and turmeric on the skin and wait till it dries and then rub it off.

4. You can also apply tomato on your skin, followed by massaging the pulp for around 10 minutes. It rectifies uneven skin tone, and clears blemishes and patches.

5. Cleanse the face with rose water by dabbing it with a piece of cotton wool before going to sleep. Since it’s an excellent natural toner, it closes the open pores.

6. Application of honey on skin may also help you correct uneven skin tone.

7. Lots of fruits, vegetables, juices and pulses in diet also help in flushing out the toxins from the body, thereby balancing your skin tone.

8. Baking soda scrub – Mix 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp water and apply on the skin, leave it to stay on the skin for approximately 1 minute, and rinse the skin with warm water.

9. Cleansing the skin and moisturizing are two more vital “must dos” to reduce uneven skin tone. Hydrating your skin is the key to keep it healthy.

10. Olive and flaxseed oils are good moisturizers. Mix these and apply on your skin. They likewise aid in healing dry cracked red skin.

11. Applying potato, or cucumber slices to your skin and leaving them on for about ten minutes will not only hydrate the skin, but will detoxify it too.

12. Mix finely ground oatmeal with water and use it on your skin for best results.

13. Use organic apple cider vinegar for best results since it contains many natural occurring minerals and other vitamins that are not present in distilled vinegar. Just mix it with water in equal ratio and apply on the skin.

Beside all these use of sunscreen or sunblock is a must. If these remedies don’t work for you, then you should visit a good dermatologist and get treated right away.

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