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Have drinking water from air


A new research promises a potential new technology for sustainable harvesting of drinking water from the air—to a great relief for those who face water crisis.

The atmosphere contains an estimated 13,000 trillion litres of water -- equivalent to nearly 10 per cent of all freshwater present in lakes worldwide. And this potential has remained untapped, so far.

Now, a team of researchers in the US, including two of Indian- origin, have developed a device that extracts potable water from ambient air using only sunlight as the energy source.

The solar-powered water harvester works even when relative humidity (RH) is as low as 20 per cent, the level common in arid areas and deserts of the world, the Statesman quoted the researchers as saying in their report.

The developers of the technology hope their device could help every household obtain the drinking water it needs out of the air using only the power of the sun.

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