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74.70pc pass HSC exams


Some 74.70 percent candidates passed the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations 2016 as per results published Thursday.

A total of 58,276 students scored GPA 5 among around 1.2 million appeared in the exams. From eight general education boards 72.47% have passed, while from madrasa 88.19% and from technical board 84.57%.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid along with chairmen of all 10 education boards handed over the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina around 10am Thursday at Ganabhaban.

Minister Nahid will officially announce the results at a press conference at the secretariat around 1pm.

The HSC and equivalent exams began on April 3 and ended on June 9, except for the practical exams that continued from June 11 to June 20.

Some 1,218, 628 students from 8,533 educational institutions under eight general education boards, madrasa board and technical board took part in this year’s examinations.

Of them, 1,020,109 students took the HSC exams under eight general education boards, while 91,591 students under madrasa board, and 102,132 under technical board. Some 4,796 students also attended the Diploma in Business Studies (DIBS) exam.

Some 654, 114 boys and 564, 514 girls have appeared in the HSC and equivalent examinations at 2,452 centres. Apart from 2,452 centres in Bangladesh, the exams were also held in seven overseas centres where 262 students have taken part.

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